TN/RH Usability Poll
Hi all, I'm trying to collect some user experience data that I can submit to the community managers for the greater RP-realms. Any responses would be great.


Regularly means at least once per day, or per appropriate log in period for when you are interacting with the game or community.

For the server merge question:

TNRH is one of many merged realms, and one of the few RP-PvP server clusters. The other servers are Emerald Dream, and the merged realm of Lightninghoof/Venture Company/Maelstrom (LVM).

Put together, per Warcraft Realms data, Emerald Dream makes up 2/3 of the RP-PvP server populations. EG, if added together, RH, TN, and LVM are 50% of ED's population.

How do you prioritize your time on WoW, or WoW-focused communities?
Where do you *primarily* source your RP, or follow the stories of others?
What sources do you regularly check for RP?
When you log into WoW proper, do you regularly RP?
Do you regularly PvE on RHTN?
Do you regularly PvP on RHTN?
Do you support server merges with other RP-PvP realms?
Do you feel that RP realms should be exempt from sharding, regardless of the negative effects on game performance? (Sharding is when the server reaches a cap for an area and segments the population to reduce strain.)
What is your *single biggest* RP gripe? This isn't meant to single out individuals or groups, but instead to provide a general array of discontent.
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