Welcome to Margin Syndicate Defi Hedge Fund
Welcome to Margin Syndicate Defi Hedge Fund

We strive to protect your capital by hedging against adverse market movement and deploying cutting edge technologies to secure steady profits.
The MS Defi Hedge Fund exposes you to new and emerging decentralized finance opportunities without having to be on top of them yourself.

With currently 500k under management we seek to grow our investor base and managed assets to 2M by July 2022.

ROI stats
πŸ”₯ January: +9.8%          (BTC: -16.7%)
πŸ”₯ February: +8.76%      (BTC: 12.18%)
πŸ”₯ March: +8.72%           (BTC: 5.41%)
πŸ”₯ April: +8.25%              (BTC: -18.03%)

Gains are compounded on a monthly basis.

πŸ“Œ   Strategies deployed:

Pseudo Market Neutral Yield Farming
Spot Futures arbitrage
Master Noding
Long/Short Margined Grid Trading

Fees and Tiers
        Minimum balance: 10k, 50% on gains
πŸŽ–   VIP status: 50k+ balance, 35% on gains
πŸ₯ˆ   Silver status: 100k+ balance, 30% on gains
πŸ₯‡   Gold status: 250k+ balance, 25% on gains
πŸ’Ž   Diamond status: 500k+ balance, 20% on gains

At the end of every month, fees are charged on the gains and the High Water Mark is raised according to the net profit thereafter. 2% onboarding fees are due upon signing our standard service agreement.

πŸ”’   Lockup
Funds are locked up for a minimum of 6 month.  

πŸ’΅   Dividend & Payouts
Quarterly dividend payouts are optional.
Dividends are calculated from the surplus of the quarterly High Water Mark.

πŸ“Š   Reporting
High Water Mark reporting happens monthly by telegram. It includes a small review of the past month as well as your last HWM, your account increase, your paid commission and your new HWM.

πŸ“Œ   Who we are
Margin Syndicate Limited registered in the UK:
Website: https://marginsyndicate.com

Steven Paterson
Hedge fund management and CEO.
Former professional FX trader, now focused on decentralized finance opportunities.

Markus Matteucci
Operations and advisory.
Active tech startup consultant. Focused on fundamental analysis and strategic partnerships.

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