Week 1: Read Around the World
Take a trip around the world with this literary quiz! You'll need to search the library catalogue at sapl.ca to find the answers to most of these questions. Use Google and other resources as needed!

Submit your answers by Thursday, July 8 at midnight. Anyone can participate, but you must have a St. Albert Library Card to be eligible for the prize draw.
Mick Conefrey wrote a book about the "First Ascent" of this Himalayan giant. What are the LAST names of the first two people known to have reached its summit?
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's debut novel is about fifteen-year-old Kambili, whose life is shaken by a military coup. What country does this story take place in?
This Haruki Murakami novel, originally published in 1987 and reissued in 2000, is named after the 2nd track on the Beatles album, Rubber Soul. What city does Murakami's story take place in?
Canada Reads @ the Library was held on March 5 this year. Vern Thiessen defended a book about a young woman who travels to this country to learn about her family's past. What country does she visit? Start your search by visiting our Program calendar here: https://bit.ly/3goXGzU.
Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, wrote a memoir about his coming of age with his larger-than-life mother. In what country was he born?
Katherena Vermette is a Michif writer who has written books for all ages. Her only adult novel won the Burt Award for First Nation, Inuit and Metis Literature, and the Amazon.ca First Novel Award. The story revolves around a crime that occurs in the North End area of this chilly city.
The description of this book reads: "After her presentation at school goes very wrong and she is suspended....Alaine is sent to work in a...nonprofit, where she learns about the local culture and her family's heritage." Search the protagonist's name in the library's catalogue to find out which country she visits.
A 2020 book by prolific writer, Isabel Allende, follows the lives of two people who escape General Franco and the fascists by emigrating to this South American country.
The subtitle of this book is :"A Culinary Journey Through a Food Lover's Paradise". What region of Spain is this book about?
This novel won the 2019 Man Booker International Prize. It was also the first book written in Arabic to win this prize. Where is the story set?
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