Moneta Pilot Parent Survey 2016-17
Adapted from North Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council 2014 District Parent Perspective Survey
Select all grades (K-5) that represent your family in this survey.
To what degree did the staff, administration and teachers at your children's school(s) offer a welcoming, safe, respectful, inclusive environment this past year?
Very Good
Teachers use a variety of visual, auditory and hands-on teaching methods to give each child the opportunity to learn in a manner suited to their individual style of learning. How well do you think your children's education has fit their personal learning style(s) this year?
Please indicate how often your child has been able to make independent decisions about his or her own learning this year.
Which additional supports did your child require this year? (Check all that apply)
When thinking of any individual extra support needed or provided by the school this past year, to what degree do you think your children's personal and educational needs were identified and supported by the school system?
In what ways were you involved with your children's education over the past year? (Check all that apply)
Please rate how much opportunity your children's school provided you to participate in and support your children's education this past year.
How well has school communication kept you informed about school news and activities this year?
How well has school communication kept you informed about personalized learning this year?
Teachers communicate about classroom activities and student progress both formally and informally. Please rate the communication you received throughout the year on how well it enabled you to be informed about the following aspects of your children's education?
Poorly Informed
Very Good
Well Informed
Formal Reporting on Student Progress
Informal Reporting on Student Progress
Current Curriculum
Academic Expectations
Did you initiate communication with either a teacher or the school administration with a concern about your child or a school issue this past year?
How comfortable were you in approaching the school about the issue or concern that you had?
How satisfied were you with the timeliness and appropriateness of the communication from the school regarding your concerns?
Very Good
What is the best way for the school and classroom teachers to communicate with you regarding your children and school events?
How engaged were your children in their school experience this year?
Enjoyed going to school
Talked about what they were learning
Talked about extra-curricular activities
Participated in extra-curricular activities at school
Completed assigned homework
Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the technology tools provided for your student this year.
About how much time do you think your student spent on a computer each day this past school year?
Based on your family's experience and expectations, please rate the overall quality of education your children have received from your child's school this year.
Please tell us what you have observed in your children’s education this year that worked well for them and why.
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Please tell us any additional concerns you have about your children's education this year.
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