Register for University of California DACA Renewal Workshops
All University of California students and their immediate family members (siblings, spouses, parents, children) are invited to sign up for DACA Renewal Workshops taking place at their campus. Assistance is FREE and will be provided by attorneys and volunteers working with the UC Immigrant Legal Services Center.

For filing fees that each DACA applicant must pay to Homeland Security, we also highly recommend applying to the Mission Asset Fund, which may be able to pay your DACA renewal filing fees:

Please fill out a separate RSVP form for each person needing help. After you fill out your first RSVP, you will be asked if you want to RSVP for another person.

**The information that you provide will only be sent to attorneys at the University of California Immigrant Legal Services Center, who will keep this information confidential. Please contact your campus attorney with any questions, concerns, or problems with this online form.

This RSVP is for a DACA recipient who is a student or family member of a student at: *
When does this person's DACA expire? *
What is the name of the DACA recipient needing to renew? (First name only is fine) *
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Please provide an e-mail address that we can use to contact you regarding the event (students, please use .edu addresses) *
You will be contacted before the event with a list of what you need to bring and prepare in advance, financial resources, and specific information regarding the date, time, and address of your workshop.
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Please provide a phone number that we can use to call you about the event *
You will receive a phone call from an attorney or volunteer to make sure you are prepared for the event.
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Which workshop will you be attending? *
Are you in need of financial assistance for the DACA filing fees?
There is NO guarantee that your particular campus can provide you with financial assistance. If your campus attorney believes any financial resources may be available to you, they will let you know. Again, all applicants are encouraged to apply for pre-approval to have your filing fees paid for by the Mission Asset Fund -
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