Linn County Democrats Caucus Feedback Form
Linn County Democrats are interested in your feedback on how your Precinct's caucus went on the local level. We are interested in hearing both constructive criticism and what you think went well.
Feel free to leave comments on just one of the topics below, or on all of them.
If you have questions rather than / in addition to comments, feel free to use this form to ask them.
About You:
For your comments to be most helpful, we need to know a bit about where you are coming from:
What Precinct did you Caucus in? *
Satellite locations are also listed - after all the precincts.
What was your role in the Caucus? *
Please check all that apply.
For whom did you go to caucus? (1st Alignment) *
Listed in order of Linn County caucus results. (In Linn County, the order was the same for 1st Expression, Final Expression and State Delegate Equivalents) "Not Applicable" and "Prefer not to say" are at the bottom.
Would you like a response to your comments / questions? *
If you mark Yes, please be sure to include your contact info below. We will respond to everyone who requests a response, but please be patient: we are all volunteers, and a bit exhausted at the moment from all the time & effort we put into getting ready for the caucuses, getting the results paperwork processed, and now getting started on planning for the County Convention.
Your Comments:
Comments about the location / physical space
Include comments about the availability / accessibility / clear signage of: parking, route from parking to check-in to caucus space, and the caucus space itself, as well as how the caucus space was set up, and anything else about the physical space.
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In case we get to caucus again, suggestions for other potential caucus locations in / near your precinct:
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Comments about how your caucus was run:
Include comments on how well the chair explained and carried out the caucus process, and whether you believe the rules were properly followed. Please ave comments specifically about the Presidential Preference Cards and the impact of he new 2nd alignment rules for the questions below.
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Comments about use of Presidential Preference Cards
Did you understand the purposes of the presidential preference cards, and when and how to fill them out? Do you think they were helpful to the caucus process, as well as providing a paper trail? In case we get to caucus again: Any suggestions for improving the cards themselves?
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Comments about the impact of the new 2nd Allignment rules:
The new rules were that the only people eligible to participate in 2nd alignment were those in groups that were NOT viable at the end of 1st alignment. If you were in a group that was viable at the end of 1st alignment you were locked in to that group. Those in non-viable groups could join a viable group, join another non-viable group to make it viable, or recruit others to join their group to make it viable. Anyone from a non-viable group who chose to leave rather than to re-align needed to check a box on their preference card and turn it in before leaving.
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Comments about how your PREFERENCE GROUP was run
Include comments on how your Precinct Captain interacted with participants, counted your group, organized members to try to recruit others, and ran the election of Delegates and Alternates if your Preference Group was viable and awarded delegates..
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Comments about the behavior of other participants / other precinct captains:
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Other Comments:
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Your Contact Info:
If you would like a response, please include at least one method of contact:
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Your Email address:
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Your best phone number for this purpose:
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Thank you for providing your feedback!
Please feel free to share the link to others IN LINN COUNTY.
We always like to hear how we did, and if we get to caucus again, your feedback will help us continue to improve.
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