We deserve both: Motherhood and a career!
Hello fellow Mama!

Let me first tell you the long-story short.

I'm Sarah, an ambitious woman, who always had big professional dreams since childhood and who believed she can also have a family and be there for her kids.

Once I became mother, I found myself thinking maybe I don't have to go back full-time, maybe I won't be able to achieve the balance between my work and family life, maybe, maybe.. a lot of doubts.

I tried to look around what other moms think/did, and I found many sharing the same concerns! I want us to help each other more openly and efficiently!

By answering this short survey (takes only about 9 minutes), you will contribute to an idea that I have in order to challenge the status-quo and improve mothers professional situation.

The idea goals are divided in two parts:
1- support mothers to achieve their professional goals
2- encourage/support employers to keep their women/mothers talent
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