Visitor Survey 2014

Since taking over the leases of Penllergare Valley Woods in April 2012, the Penllergare Trust has had the pleasure and big responsibility for bringing this secret and magical place back to life for everyone to enjoy. As a local voluntary charity, we have worked with over 150 volunteers and dozens of community groups; we have welcomed and accommodated thousands of walkers, joggers, families, cyclists, schools and groups (dogs too!); restored historical features as part of the cultural landscape, and looked after habitats for a wide range of wildlife. 2014 in particular marked an important year with the restoration of the Upper Lake back to its former glory. With this phase of our restoration project coming to an end and grants inevitably running out, our thoughts are now turning to how we can look after Valley Woods sustainably for the future. We can't succeed without you! We would highly value your input and feedback about your visits and our progress so far - especially your thoughts and ideas for the future.

We would be grateful if you could spare 5 minutes to complete the following questionnaire (even if you filled in a similar one last year - it will help us to compare results and to ensure that we're striving for continuous improvement).

Thank you so much for your cooperation and for being a part of our restoration journey.
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