Cuyahoga Falls High School Locker Policy and Signup Sheet
Lockers are only provided by request for the use of Cuyahoga Falls High School students in the school. Locker requests must be made electronically on the CFHS website. Students requesting a locker must complete and sign the Locker Policy and Registration Form online, indicating that they understand and will comply with, the following stated policies.

Students shall have no expectation of privacy in any in-school storage supplied by the Board and in those areas and instances set forth in this policy.

The lockers supplied by the Board and used by the pupils, are the property of the Board. Therefore, the lockers and the contents of all lockers are subject to random search at any time without regard to whether there is a reasonable suspicion that any locker or its contents contains evidence of a violation of a criminal statute or a school rule.

If a personal lock is used, the student is required to provide the combination and/or key to the principal or his/her designee.

Firearms, flammable solutions, all dangerous materials and all other school contraband is prohibited.

Students should never store any valuables in their lockers, including laptops, money, jewelry, etc.

CFHS recommends that students obtain a strong, high-quality lock to keep personal items safe.

Students must register for a locker online or in the Office of 214. All lockers that are not registered to an individual will be routinely inspected and/or locked.

Unauthorized entry into another student’s locker is considered against the Student Code of Conduct, and Board Policy and is prohibited.

If a student notices, or suspects, that their locker has been tampered with, they should report the incident to the office.

Students should remove all items from their locker and or notify the office when the locker is no longer wanted and not in use within 24 hours.

Lockers for graduated students will be emptied following graduation. All items will be removed and disposed of as appropriate.

Prior to signing up for a locker, students, parents/guardians are expected to visit the BOE website and read the official board policy on lockers.

Please note that you only can have one locker.

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