Saifa Kata Seminar
Participants must be IOGKF members, age 13 and up, 7th kyu and higher
Registration is a 2-Step process. (Registration deadline: Both steps must be completed by April 30th, 9:00 PM Toronto time).
Step 1: Complete this form online, then submit. Only one person per registration form. Please ensure that the email address you enter below is correct. All further contact, including the link to the event, will be made via this address.Please do NOT fill out this form more than once.
Step 2: Make the payment as soon as possible.
Any questions or changes please contact Sensei Adrienne at:
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Before completing this registration, please go back and check your email address. By clicking on the 'SUBMIT' your information will be sent to IOGKF Canada/Shudokan Family Karate. Please take care of the payment as soon as possible.
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