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Trial Class Week: January 4th - 8th
DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: December 31st



Wednesday 10:30 am Baby Tumbling (Ages 18mos -2 yrs) - 4 spots
Wednesday 11:00am DiscoverDance (Ages 18mos - 2yrs) - 4 spots


Monday 4:30pm Tot Combo (Ages 3-4yrs) - 1 spot
Tuesday 5:30pm Tot combo (ages 3-4yrs) - 5 spots
Monday 4:30pm Preschool AcroDance (ages 3-5yrs) - 2 spots
Thursday 5:30pm Tot combo (ages 3-4yrs) - 4 spots
Friday 4:30pm Preschool AcroDance (ages 3-5yrs) - 5 spots
Friday 5:30pm Ballet/Acrodance (ages 3-5yrs) - 5 spots

Wednesday 4:30pm Cheer & Tumble (Ages 5-9yrs) - 5 spots
Saturday 11:00am Kinder Combo (ages 5-6yrs) - 4 spots
Thursday 4:30p Kinder combo (ages 5-6yrs) - 4 spots


Monday 4:30pm Intermediate AcroDance (ages 7+) - 2 spots
Monday 4:30pm Primary AcroDance (Ages 7+) - 3 spots
Monday 5:45pm Jazz 1 (Ages 7-9yrs) - 2 spots
Monday 6:30pm Ballet 1 (ages 7-9yrs) - 4 spots
Monday 6:45pm Tap 1 (ages 7+) - 2 spots

Tuesday 4:30pm Hip Hop 1 (Sky High) - ages 7-9yrs - 4 spots
Tuesday 5:45pm Lyrical/Contemporary (ages 7-9yrs) - 3 spots
Tuesday 6:30pm Hip Hop 2 (Ages 10+) - 2 spots
Tuesday 6:45pm Level 2 Ballet (by placement only) - 4 spots

Wednesday 5:30pm Level 1 Ballet (ages 7-9yrs) - 3 spots
Wednesday 4:30pm Cheer & Tumble (Ages 10+) - 6 spots open

Thursday 4:30pm Musical Theatre 2 - Sky High -(ages 10+) - 4 spots
Thursday 4:30pm Muscial Theatre 1 (ages 7-9yrs) - 2 spots
Thursday 5:45 pm Lyrical/Contemporary (ages 10+yrs) - 3 spots
Thursday 6:45pm Ballet/Jazz/Tap (Ages 7-9yrs) - 3 spots

Friday 4:30pm Jazz 2 (ages 10+) - 4 spots
Friday 5:30pm Tap 2 (ages 10+) - 5 spots

Private lessons - call/text us for more information at 254-434-1114


How do I sign up? Pick your classes (FROM ABOVE) fill out the form, and hit submit. Our staff will email/text you a confirmation or let you know the class you've requested is full. You will receive an email the week before classes with more information about the trial class week.

Your student may try as many classes as they would like! If a class becomes full, you will receive an email and text notification.

What to wear: Students should wear athletic type clothing or dancewear for classes. They may wear dance shoes if they have them. If they do not, please don't worry about it. We will help you get everything needed for class! Please bring additional shoes and a water bottle for your student in a bag.

When to arrive: It's a great idea to arrive 10 minutes before class so students can be ready when they are called into the classroom by instructors. Please make sure they use the restroom before class.

Can we stay? We have found that students have their best dance experience when the teacher is able to focus on the students and students have zero distractions. For this reason, we offer a live feed of our classes in the lobby so you can watch your student and know they are in good hands!

Learn more about us:

Additional questions? Please call/text us at 254-434-1114 or email us at

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