Castle Crashers Wiki 2019 Hazardous Tournament Registration
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The tournament will take place June 29th, 2019. The event begins at 3:00 PM EST, but specific fights will be staggered throughout the day from that point. You will be contacted by June 16th, 2019, with information regarding what time you will be fighting.

The tournament will be held through online play on the Steam version of the game with U-Knighted as the host. IF YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF POOR INTERNET CONNECTION ONLINE, DO NOT ENTER THIS TOURNAMENT.

All members MUST be in the Castle Crashers Wiki discord server.

Join here:
Rules (read this part, too)
Breaking any of these rules results in immediate disqualification:
1. Use of hacks/cheat engine is strictly prohibited.
2. Only join the arena lobby when specifically invited, no hijacking lobbies.
3. Try not to kill the ref (he's not very good)
4. Any mounts on a map should be ignored.
5. The only banned map is the Ice Arena. If you get the Ice Arena, the ref will restart the match.
6. Follow the usual code of conduct of the discord server.
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