ETA School Fair - Feb 23, 2019 (11am - 2 pm) @ 200 E 8th Street
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The Austin Alternative School Fair is unique because we showcase alternative schools and organizations that are transforming education. We have identified three core values, and please confirm if these values apply to your organization. *
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emphasis on whole child (social, emotional, intellectual)
no letter or numerical grading
not a corporate-funded chain
In addition, which of the following applies to your organization? This information will be used to assist us as we continue to observe how the transformative education movement in Central Texas is unfolding. *
Not Applicable
no standardized tests
no or little required homework
mixed-age settings of at least 3-4 yr span
self-directed learning
student input on own curriculum
ample outdoor time (minimum of 45 minutes per day)
less than 150 students
ample free, unstructured time
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