Questionnaire of tiny house & workshops
We are a group of students from Wageningen University working on a consultancy project. Our customer is a garden center which mandates us to build a new business model for the garden center. To make the design more satisfactory, we need your opinions. Hope you can fill in the questionnaire and thank you very much!
Do you know what is tiny house?
Example of a tiny house
Inside example of a tiny house
Tiny houses were developed for living. However, other activities can be done inside them also. How willing are you to take part in an activity in tiny houses? (1 stands for dislike and 5 stands for like)
Our business idea revolves around offering workshops and activities inside tiny houses in a green garden environment. Indicate your order of preference among these activities inside tiny houses.
Food related (e.g. cooking, beer brewing, wine tasting, etc.)
Handcraft (e.g. pottery)
Art (e.g. paiting, music, dancing)
Relaxation (e.g. coffee drinking, yoga, meditation, movie, etc.)
Work related (e.g. team building activities, meeting, etc.)
After experiencing various workshops in tiny houses and knowing the functioning of a tiny house, how willing are you to purchase a tiny house of your own? (Generally the average price of a tiny house can be approximately 20,000 euros)
I don't want a tiny house
I'd love to buy one
Our customer is an expert in gardening and landscaping. He will design a landscape for the garden where tiny houses are placed. If you enjoy the landscaping in the garden and get inspired from it, how willing are you to pay for further gardening advice?
I don't need help on my garden
I'm willing to have some advice
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