YEA Fall Retreat '19
Want to spend a weekend with a group of people who are passionate about vastly improving the world? The Yale Effective Altruism fall community retreat will take place August 31-September 1. Anyone who has engaged with our community, and is dedicated to figuring out how they can have a larger positive impact on the world, is welcome and encouraged to attend, although spots are limited.
The retreat will consist of educational sessions, self-development / skill-building sessions, some career-planning, and plenty of time for socializing. There may also be some planning for this semester’s YEA activities but this will not be the main focus of the weekend and we encourage non-board members to attend the retreat even if you’re not interested in helping to organize for YEA. You can also have the chance to help shape the schedule, by letting us know in the sign-up form what you’d most like to see (and if there’s a session you’d be happy to lead).

We have rented an entire house, located in Southington, CT, which includes 9 beds, two kitchens, and two living rooms.

We will leave for Southington at 12:00 pm on Saturday and return by 11 am Sunday at the latest, which will leave most of Sunday and Monday free to catch up on work, since there will be no classes on Monday. We strongly prefer for attendees to stay for the entire duration. If you’d really like to come but have a prior commitment, get in touch with us ASAP about the possibility of arriving late or leaving early.

With generous subsidy from the Centre For Effective Altruism, we expect the cost of the retreat to come to just $25 pp. Please let us know in the form below if the cost would be prohibitive for you.

More information about the exact cost pp, any recommended readings, transport coordination, what to pack, etc. will be sent out next week to attendees. If you have any questions, please email or

Please fill out this form by 11:59pm on Wednesday August 28th if you wish to attend.
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