YPIC members survey II
We are here for you. Your feedback will be used to decide on what will be organized. Thank you for thinking along!
Your current academic degree is *
Your current employer is *
Are you a registered member of your national proteomic association? *
Do you participate in national proteomic association or EUPA conferences? *
YPIC will organize events at annual EuPA conferences. What kind of events would you like to see for young proteomics investigators? *
What themes would you be interested in for a mentoring session? 1=lowest priority 5=highest priority *
Project writing
Project management
Work/life balance
Collaborations: Academic and Industry
Finding a job
Popular science communication
Scientific publication
Future practice in science
Valorisation of you research
Intellectual property (tech transfer)
Funding in Europe
Would you care to join a meet-the-expert session at the next EuPA conference? *
Will you participate in the 3rd edition of the YPIC Challenge? *
What would you like us to cover in our webinar series? *
Do you have any other open suggestion for us? Really, anything you can think of!
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