Public Survey for the Mental Health Response Advisory Committee
As part of the Consent Decree that the City of Cleveland signed with the Department of Justice, the Mental Health Response Advisory Committee is working to help develop better policies and procedures to improve the way that police recognize and respond to crisis situations.

But first...

Thank You for participating in this survey!
Your honest and thoughtful participation in this survey is essential to our work. We seek to make Cleveland safer for everyone, and your experiences will help us in that effort.
All information submitted through this survey will be kept anonymous.
Answering the questions
You do not have to answer every question. If you do not have an answer for a question, simply leave it blank.

This is especially true for multiple choice questions. You can leave them blank by not answering at all. But if you accidentally click an answer, you won't be able to "undo" your selection and make it blank again.

So, what are "crisis situations"?
For this survey, a "crisis situation" is an incident that involves someone with a mental illness, an addiction, a substance abuse problem, a developmental disability, or some other overwhelming personal crisis. This definition would also include situations when an individual may have emotional troubles, is not taking their medications, or is having other mental difficulties.
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