2018 Racial Equity Challenge
At the beginning of February we invited all members of the Curry Community to take part in the 2018 Racial Equity Challenge, making use of the many resources, opportunities and events at our disposal to better understand and act upon issues of racial equity.

This brief survey is designed to get a snapshot of how members of the Curry community engaged in the Racial Equity Challenge during the month of February.
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How did you participate in the 2018 Racial Equity Challenge?
Please indicate the areas in which you completed activities for the Racial Equity challenge; check all that apply (note: examples are not meant to be exhaustive). *
How many days in February did you engage in activities related to the Racial Equity Challenge? *
How did your engagement in February compare to your typical activity-level around racial equity?
Reflection Questions
What kinds of engagement/activities had the most impact for you and why? *
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What other questions or points of reflection have you considered since engaging in the racial equity challenge? *
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Optional: What suggestions do you have for us that could help us improve the Challenge next year?
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Lastly, we would like to acknowledge those who participated in the Racial Equity Challenge publicly (e.g. the Curry LCD screens and/or on the DAC website). Please indicate below whether you would like to be included in the public recognition.
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