OBC Traffic Survey 2019
How much does the summer traffic affect your attendance at worship?
Do you think the summer traffic affects potential new attendees to OBC?
Do you think an earlier worship time in the summer would make a significant difference when it comes to traffic?
If you responded 'yes' to the previous question, what time would you suggest?
If there were two services during the summer, would you attend the earlier or the later? (ex. 8:30a and 10:30a both at OBC)
How important is an efficient order of worship/timely service length for the summer months?
Not important
Extremely important
Do you ever make use of our online live stream when you are unable to make it to worship?
Do you think a second service at an alternate location in the summer would be beneficial to OBC?
Do you have any other ideas on how to handle summer traffic and/or any further feedback on the previous question?
Your answer
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