Roman Road Membership Card Survey
Roman Road Trust is asking for your opinion on launching a new Roman Road Membership Card for shoppers in Roman Road. For a one-off payment, shoppers will be given a discount card which will be valid for a period of time. Shoppers will receive discounts and offers when presenting their card in participating independent businesses. As a test-run of this idea, we are giving those who complete this survey a discount code which can be used in participating businesses from 01/03/19 to 31/03/19.
Do you think a Roman Road Membership Card/discount scheme for independent businesses is a good idea? *
Would you be interested in purchasing a card? *
For what types of shops would you like to receive discounts/offers? *
How long would you like the membership to last? *
How much would you be willing to pay for a membership card? *
Are you already part of a membership/loyalty card scheme? If so, please tick all that apply. *
How frequently do you shop on or visit businesses on Roman Road? *
On average, how much do you spend per week on businesses in Roman Road? *
Would you be likely to shop on Roman Road more frequently if a discount/membership scheme was in place? *
What do you think the scheme could be named? *
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