2018 District Conference Survey
Please help us make some decisions. Your name will be added into a drawing for a gift card if you return your survey.
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District Conference
If you attended the recent Arizona District Conference, were you pleased with the facility we had the conference in? *
If you were not pleased with the facilities, what problems did you incur that caused you to be dissatisfied? *
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Would you like us to use the same facility for our 2019 District Conference? *
If we held the conference out of the Phoenix area, would you still be willing to attend? *
What improvements would you like to see us make to our District Conference? *
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If we send out pre-registration forms, would you fill yours out and return it by the deadline? *
Would you prefer a venue that has an outside patio to eat? *
Do you eat at the District Conference after service or did you go to another restaurant? *
Would you be interested or participate in an off-site dining option after the evening service in lieu of at-the-hotel meal? *
Did you stay at the District Conference hotel? *
If not, did you stay at home or another hotel?
If yes, how many nights did you stay?
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Should we open up the evening service for all to attend? *
Would you prefer that we keep the District Conference to ministers and families only? *
If your choice is to keep the conference to ministers and families, how would you deal with some of the independents who come and invite their friends to come with them?
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Should we charge a registration fee for those who are not licensed ministers? *
Would you prefer to have the District Conference at a church in the metro area, with a separate minister's retreat? *
Arizona on Fire Conference
Would you like us to add a third (3rd) night to our Arizona On Fire Conference? *
What improvements would you like to see us make to our Arizona On Fire Conference? *
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