SURJ-KC Reporting Back on Conversations
Use this form to share a bit about how your conversation with a person you love about racism and white supremacy went.  We'd like to share successes with each other, learn from challenges, and try to imporve our coaching and training support.  Please fill out this form as many times as you'd like to tell as many stories as you'd like.
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Tell us a little bit about the conversation you had with someone you love about racism.  Who was it with?  What did you discuss? *
Overall, how did you feel about the conversation? *
I don't feel good about it. I don't think it went well.
I feel great! This conversation really took us forward in the work of dismantling white supremacy together.
What was hardest about the conversation? *
What was most rewarding about the conversation? *
Did you or the person you engaged say or do anything that suprised you?  If so, what was it?
Is there anything you learned from SURJ-KC that helped you in this conversation?
Is there anything you learned from another source or person that helped you in this conversation?  If this is a resource you can share, please share it!
Did you attend SURJ-KC's training on 11/21 about conversations with people you love about race? *
How much did SURJ-KC's training on 11/21 prepare you for this conversation?
It did not help me at all.
It was very helpful. I felt very prepared for this conversation.
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Could we share some parts of this story with the SURJ KC Network?  We won't identify you unless you would like us to.
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Is there anything else we need to know?  If you would like us to contact you, please share your information (name, email) here so that we can followup.  
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