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1. Are you a volunteer or an organization?
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2. Out of your friend group, are you the first person to explore and recommend new technology products, such as new apps?
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3. How would you describe Cause Finder in one or more words?
4. What is the most important feature of Cause Finder?
5. What is the least important feature of Cause Finder?
6. What is the one feature we should add?
7. Would you be interested in participating in a virtual or in-person beta testing of our app? Or attend a screening of our marketing demo?
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The following questions applies to individual members.
9. If this app where available today, would you download it for .99 cents. If not, why?
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The following questions applies to organizations only.
10. What communication challenges do you and/or your organization face with volunteers?
11. How do you recruit or enlist help for events, administrative work, etc.?
12. Do you use Slack or Facebook for communication and collaboration with your volunteer base?
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13. If no - What software do you use?
14. If yes - What features do you feel are missing from their sites?
15. If yes – What difficulties do you experience while using their sites?
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