Learning Equality's search for French Educational Resources
We're collaborating with EdTech Hub to expand digital education opportunities for Francophone learners. Thank you for helping us!

We're eager to hear from you about any digital materials you know about in French, whether courses, books, lessons, tutorials, apps, websites, or anything else you would use on a digital device to learn. Whatever you share, depending on its format, copyright, and appropriateness for our library, we'll evaluate for the best way to share it with learners without internet connectivity via our open source learning platform, Kolibri (https://learningequality.org/kolibri/).

We've seen our learners use digital resources to do everything from practice reading to make up for classes they've missed to revise for a standardized test to explore how to format a business plan, so we're open to any age groups and subjects. Everything that you use the internet to learn about, we want to know about--so we can help it reach disconnected French speaking learners worldwide, and ensure that we can meet their needs for resources that support their continued learning during the pandemic and beyond.

This is a time when inequities in digital education are at risk of widening more than ever, and with your help, we can ensure that that doesn't happen. Thank you!
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