MROC Membership Application Form
This application form is for use to join the Club as a New Member or Renew existing, current memberships.
If you were a member, but your membership has expired, you need to re-join as a New Member.
For Families / Family members, the Full member should fill in the form on behalf of all Family Members.
You can use this form for :
- New individual Full Members,
- New Full + additional New Family members,
- Renewing individual Full Members
- Renewing Full Members + additional existing Family Members
If you want to add a Family member who is not currently a member (even if they have been in the past), please contact us via an email to

Membership is only £30 per year for the main (Full) Member (If joining between Jan-Aug) & reduces to £25 for subsequent years if you renew each year. Renewal is due end of Feb each year.

Family members (living at the same address) can join for £15 per year, reducing to £12.50 for subsequent renewals.

If you join between 1st Sept-end of Dec cost reduces to £20 (Full) & £10 (Family) due to the shorter period until the end of our membership year.

If you join between 1st Jan-end of Feb, we extend your membership until the end of Feb. the following year – giving you slightly more than 12 months membership.

If you want to Renew in subsequent years, we also have a Direct Debit payment option available to make payment easier & harder to forget !

If you have any questions, please contact us via email to
Email address *
First Name *
Last Name *
Date of Birth
ONLY required for under 18s. Optional for everyone else.
Postal Address *
We require your postal address (incl. Post Code) so that we can post your Membership Pack to you. You can press Enter for a new line.
Mobile Telephone *
Telephone numbers are useful for event cancellations and emergencies.
Landline Telephone
Do you own a Land Rover? *
Not owning a Land Rover is OK !
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