Alberta Main Street
Thank you for coming to the New Board Member Application Survey for 2021

AMS is looking to search and onboard a cohort of 6-13 board members to help us reorganize and revitalize our organization so that our structure and work better reflect and serve the Alberta community.

We are looking for diverse representation to help us champion equity, internally reorganize, and serve community.

The members of this 2021 cohort of new board members will help with key items such as: fundraising, strategic planning, community engagement, networking, and improving operational procedures.

We need your help to help serve our shared community. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you soon with next steps.

Thank you.

Learn more about our local group here:

Here are some supplemental videos and materials to better understand the national-level main street model:
1. 3-Minute Main Street America Video:
2. About Main Street Guide:
3. National Website:
4. State Website:
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