Janterra Puppy Questionnaire
Thank you for your interest in Janterra Dobermans. We interview prospective buyers carefully, so we thank you for answering these questions.

Please, do not be offended if we ask a lot of questions about you, your family, home and lifestyle. We are very protective of where we place our puppies and your honest answers will help me decide which puppy is best for you. For instance, if you are not at all active, but are a home body who enjoys gardening in the yard, please say so as this will make a difference in which pup is a good fit for you. You do not want a high energy, high drive dog if you do not for see training or providing a lot of physical exercise because it will drive you crazy and frustrate the dog. That said, we have set up the following questionnaire as a way of getting acquainted with those who would like to be considered as prospective owners of one of our puppies.

Please understand this is NOT a contract to purchase a puppy and is in no way a binding agreement. Please tell us about yourself...

Email address *
Have you contacted other breeders about potential puppies? Are you on any waiting lists? *
If you ave contact other breeders, or have been put on any puppy waiting lists, please list the breeder names here. Please let us know if you contact any breeders after this survey is completed.
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Name in Full *
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Please provide your phone number (include area code) and email address: *
Please include, home and cell phone numbers as applicable.
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Please let us know your address, how long you have lived there and if you plan a move in the future. *
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Do you own or rent your home? *
If you rent or lease, please provide the Name, Address, Phone and/or Email of your landlord
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Do you have a securely fenced yard? This is a fence that is a permanent well made structure (of wood, or metal or PVC), not temporary fencing.
Marital Status: *
Please tell us the Number of Adults and the Number & Ages of Children in the Home? *
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Does anyone in your household have animal or pet allergies of any kind? *
Employer Name & How long have you been employed with this company? *
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Are you willing to sign a ownership contract before buying this puppy? *
This is your sales contract for the puppy.
Puppies are sold on co-owerships and limited registrations, are you OK with this? *
This will be discussed with all puppy owners in more detail. Co-ownerships are permanent and are in place for the puppies protection, for example - in the event anything happens to the owners (the people puppy lives with). It ensures we can protect the puppy from going into a shelter or other potentially harmful situation. Our ownership contract always states the primary caregiver is the purchaser.
Do you understand what a limited registration is? *
Limited registrations mean that you agree that the Doberman will not be bred, and if the Doberman is accidentally bred, the puppies will NOT be eligible for registration. Are you OK with this?
Are you willing to stay in contact with us throughout the dogs entire life and update us with any address, phone or email changes? *
Do you agree to the fact that the puppy MUST be returned to us if it cannot be kept by you, for ANY reason? *
We will also take our dogs back for any reason during their lifetime - in fact our contract stipulates that if things don't work out, the puppy/dog must be returned to us when we will attempt to re-home him/her on behalf of the previous owner. It stands to reason that we have more reliable contacts than the average person, and this way we can assure ourselves that the dog is properly placed in his/her forever home.
Would you be willing to allow me, or a friend of mine to visit your home? *
This is only to ensure that there is indeed a fenced yard and verify there are proper accommodations for the puppy in the home.
Thank you for letting us get to know you more. Now please tell us about your experience and wishes for a puppy...
Why do you want to own a Doberman? *
Your answer
What research have you done on this breed? Are you aware of the average lifespan, health issues, and temperament traits of the breed? Please explain. *
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Have you ever given a pet away? If so, what were the circumstances? *
Your answer
Have you owned a Doberman or any other dogs before?
If YES, how many? What age and sex are they? Do you still have them? If not, why?
Your answer
Do you have a preference in the sex of the dog? *
Do you have a color preference? *
Do you have a Veterinarian? If so, please provide the name of the Clinic, the Vet and the Phone Number. *
Your answer
Do you have any experience taping and posting cropped ears? *
Don't worry if you do not, we always provide lessons and help sheets on how to post, and I always make sure that puppy owners have a contact nearby that can help them if needed.
Where will your Doberman spend time when you are at home?
Your answer
Where will your Doberman spend time when you are at work? *
Your answer
Where will your Doberman spend time when you are away? *
Such as when you are on vacation, or out of town.
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Do you use a crate? If you have any objections to crate training, please explain why... *
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Do you have a fenced yard? Please describe your house and yard area that will be used for your dog. *
Your answer
Do you know that a Doberman requires regular attention, training and exercise to maintain a stable temperament and healthy lifestyle? Please explain how you plan on keeping your Doberman exercised? *
Your answer
Do you plan on formally training your dog in any of the following activities: *
Formal training means taking your dog to classes or workshops or enlisting the help of a professional.
If 'Other' was chosen, please explain what you plan on doing with your dog here. *
What do you plan on training your dog for? Where? How?
Your answer
Have you ever shown a dog to it's championship or titled a dog in any other sport or venue? Explain. *
Your answer
Do you think your families lifestyle provide for sufficient time to spend with a puppy? *
Please explain.
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Do you intend to breed your Doberman? *
If so, why do you want to breed? What are your specific goals? How will you accomplish them?
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Have you ever bred a litter? (of any breed) *
If so, what breed? How many litters have you whelped in the past? *
Your answer
Is there anything else you would like to say or to ask us? *
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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