Your PhD (or postdoc) and beyond- Insights in how you can use your PhD Power to find fulfilling jobs.

This interactive workshop will challenge you to put your PhD/postdoc experience in perspective in
order to learn how you can make the most of your PhD Power for the future.

- What skills do you gain from your PhD/postdoc?
- What options are there for PhD graduates besides academia?
- Pointers on how can you structure your career orientation towards a suitable job.

Participants have better insights in:
- how they can identify their skills
- what exact skills they have developed that are valuable for their
future career
- into job options for PhD graduates outside academia
- into what else matters/is actually essential for career orientation
- into a strategy for career orientation, that allows them to identify
jobs that suit their individual profile

Target audience:

Postdocs and PhD candidates in the 2nd half of their PhD,
especially those who are curious to also explore their options
outside academia.

When: March 13th 2019
What time: 9am-12pm
Where: E2-166

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