Technology Survey
College and Career Readiness, CPCC
How old are you?
In what program are you enrolled at CPCC?
When do you attend school?
Do you have a video player?
Do you have access to a computer?
Do you have Internet access?
The computer you use the most is a:
Do you use a Tablet?
Do you have a cellphone?
Do you have a MP3 player (music)?
Mark the one you use most
Do you use a digital camera?
Mark the one you use most.
Do you use a camcorder (video camera, webcam)?
Mark the one you use most.
How often do you check your email?
Do you use social media applications?
Mark all that apply.
How often do you use technology in your class at CPCC?
If you don't use technology enough, or not at all, what are the reasons?
Your answer
How often would you like to use technology in the classroom?
Thank you!
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