Oakwood Village Library: Interactive Fiction Residency 2017
The Hand Eye Society is looking for an interactive fiction artist (or two) to spend 12 weekly sessions on-site at the library to develop their own projects, engage with the public, and provide collaborative programming activities. Read on for more details, and please send any questions to info@handeyesociety.com

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Thursday August 24 2017

Interactive fiction is a hybrid form, a combination of storytelling, writing and video games. This 12-week program will offer peer mentorship, guidance, and technical support to anyone who wishes to develop an interactive fiction piece. Like a writer's circle, the group of participants will use the weekly structure as a way to make progress on their work and to gain feedback, insight, and inspiration. All are welcome. No registration required.

This is a weekly program series on Thursdays, Sept 28 to Dec 14.
Open studio time - meet the artist at the library: 2:30 to 6 pm.
Interactive Fiction program: 6 to 7:30 pm.


Are you an artist based out of Toronto/GTA? *
This opportunity is available to local artists only.
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Link to online portfolio or work *
We are looking specifically for local artists with a body of work that reflects a high quality of interactive fiction and games writing. Form, content, engine, etc. can be anything as long as we are able to play it. If your work is pay-only, please provide a free version or excerpt that will allow us to assess it easily.
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Tell us about your proposed project! *
What kind of project do you plan to work on during your residency? Tell us about the concept, narrative, engine, format, or anything else that will give us an idea of what you want to accomplish. This can be as detailed or not as you want, and you are welcome to change your mind up to the start date if you are accepted.
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What are your qualifications for leading a public writer's circle? *
Ideal applicants should have some experience working in informal learning environments, such as running workshops or camps outside of an academic institution. Experience with children and youth is an asset. You may describe your plans for leading an all-ages IF writer's circle, such as an outline of possible engines to teach or an activity list. You may also attach a link to your CV/resume with relevant work experience. Basically anything that gives us a sense of what you plan to do if accepted!
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Transportation needs
HES will provide compensation for travel costs to a reasonable degree. Will your schedule and transportation options allow you to be on-site at the library given the times provided? What are your means for getting to and from the site (walking, car, TTC, bike, GO train, etc)?
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Is there anything else we should know?
If you identify as part of a traditionally marginalized group, including but not limited to women, BIPOC, LGBTQ, non-binary, low-income or disabled people, your voice is important! Any information you want to offer about yourself in this regard will help us determine whether we are representing and able to accommodate artists from diverse backgrounds, which we attempt to reflect in our staffing and other programs. You can also use this space to add anything else you feel we should know about your application that hasn't already been answered in the form.
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