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Becoming a widow in India can often result in a lifetime of extreme poverty and ostracisation from their family and society due to superstition and tradition. Lack of education and no source of income can force them to live, sleep, and beg on the street, making them vulnerable to becoming victims of abuse and crime.

With such devastating life circumstances, we can only imagine how the story might end. Through SAFP Village 2 Village Project, you can be instrumental in interrupting their stories and changing the ending - resulting in a new hopeful chapter of their lives.

Journey along with a group of 20 widows, living in a small village in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, who are eager to start small business initiatives with the dream of becoming economically self-sufficient and providing their children with food, safe housing conditions, and education necessary to break the cycle of poverty. Be a part of the community that makes this dream a reality. The Chatham Chapter of Village to Village begins this September 2019. Each member is asked to contribute $25/month for a period of two years which will be used to provide these courageous women with skills training and the equipment to start their own small business. Our SAFP staff will teach them money management skills, assist them in accessing local resources such as micro-financing, and provide emotional support as they venture towards self-sufficiency and financial independence.

Members have the option of coming together for update meetings three times a year, where SAFP staff will discuss the progress of their businesses and share pictures, letters, and stories that document the choices, challenges, and successes experienced by these women. Members can correspond with the village through letters of encouragement and support. In February of 2020, the SAFP Executive Director will visit the village to meet the participants and monitor their progress and express encouragement on behalf of the Chatham group. Arrangements can be made for participants to visit the village for an experience of a lifetime!

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