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So taking this survey is a practical step in moving you forward towards the fulfilment of your dreams.

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Please take your time and answer the questions in detail. It will help you and us to have more clarity about what's stopping you, and how we can help you move forward.
1. Do you practice Karezza Lifestyle as an individual? Tell us about your journey...
2. Have you ever been in a Karezza Relationship?
In other words what are the IMPLICATIONS of your main problems? Example: I always experience too much drama in a relationship >> IMPLICATION: I cannot be vulnerable, committed, and experience deep intimacy with a partner.
3. What have you experienced in your relationships that DID NOT work?
4. What have you experienced in your relationships ACTUALLY WORKED?
Even just a little.
5. What are you seeking to experience in your love life?
6. What are you seeking to avoid in your love life?
7. What is the purpose of your life?
8. What would it take for you to find happiness in your love life this year? What are you willing to give up?
9. Do you carry any anger, envy, or resentment? If so, as a result of what or whom?
Ex.: My family members who think I am crazy. - Evita Ramparte on Facebook ;D etc.
10. What are the 5+ MAIN dreams / desires / goals you have for your love life?
Be specific and prioritize them, please.
11. What would change if you accomplished your dreams / desires / goals?
12. What is your secret desire?
We are asking because maybe we can help you with that!
Complete the following sentences.
1. I feel I am not the kind of person that...
2. I have no idea how to...
3. I am not having the results I desire with...
4. I have the dream/desire of...
5. I value...
6. I am eager to defend the idea that...
7. I am afraid that...
Why are you interested in working with us?
1. In what ways do you think our Karezza Matchmaking could help you? What are your expectations?
2. If you could ask us ONLY ONE question what would it be?
3. How did you find us?
About Your Relationship:
Briefly describe your vision for the relationship as you would like it to be:
If you are single describe some experiences, or your single life as it is.
Briefly describe the challenges in your relationship that you could envision:
If you are single, please describe the relationship of your dreams.
What should be the PRIMARY purpose of your relationship?
What should be the SECONDARY purpose of your relationship?
Tell us more about yourself.
Which of the following describes you?
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Please check all statements that apply to you.
If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
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