Postpartum Together- Apply!
Listen, friend, I'm so glad you're interested in doing this postpartum journey together. As a society that has lost a lot of the supports women once had, we NEED a place to do this with others. In a society that is full of curated social media feeds, we NEED a place to normalize the imperfect. As women who are often told to prepare for delivery and what to do for pregnancy, we are MISSING the boat in postpartum.

The majority of women surveyed about postpartum indicated that they wish they would have had more support in place. They felt lost, alone, unprepared. I don't want that to be you.

I truly believe that this postpartum support has a domino effect on families which then has a domino effect on our communities, jobs and societies as a whole. I want you to have the freedom to experience this unique time while being empowered and encouraged. You can buy all the cute clothes, decorate a perfect nursery and write an elaborate birth plan... but the resources you need in postpartum have a lifelong effect.

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