GLACUHO Coalition Building
The Inclusion & Equity Committee welcomes you to participate in our identity-based coalition building program. The aim of this program is to connect professionals on the basis of social identity with the goal of creating meaningful, identity-based partnerships. This includes but is not limited to similar identities, complementing identities, minoritized/majoritized identities, etc. Finding someone to build coalition with, whether it be for the duration of the conference, or a more lasting relationship, has a great value within this organization and Housing and Residence Life as a field. A relationship built on support and shared goals related to identity has the potential to make the coalition validating and rewarding. Please fill out this application in order to show interest in this program. Placement will be based on available interest. All entries may not be able to be matched. Due Friday, October 11, 2019 at 5pm.

Please be aware of the general guidelines:
-Attend one program session with your coalition building partner(s) as decided together
-Be respectful and set any necessary boundaries for personal time and space expectations of one another
-Come prepared to share three SMART/tangible goals associated with what you want to come from the relationship with your coalition building partner. One goal should be in relationship to GLACUHO.
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