Community Input: Questions from the California Truth & Healing Council (Ongoing)
The California Truth & Healing Council is requesting community input on the questions below. Any input submitted will be anonymous and aggregated for the Council's review at the next Council meeting.
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Scoping the Council's Work
The Council’s charge is to (i) receive, examine and report on the history of the State’s negative actions towards tribes, through the Native lens and experience, and (ii) recommend remedial measures that can be taken.
What early State actions should the State be most accountable for, from the Native perspective?
What State actions have been most harmful to today’s California Native peoples?
Are there any community organizations or conferences that are aligned with the Council's work that the Council can plug into?
Academic Partnerships
What should the goal of the final report be?
How should the Council frame its research agenda?
How can the Council be most inclusive in incorporating research and narrative into this work?
Are there preferred academic partners the Council should be speaking with? Or preferred models?
How should the Council archive testimony received? Where should the data and information live?
Are there higher education-serving community organizations or conferences that the Council can plug into?
Youth Council
How can the Council best engage with the California Native youth population?
Which platforms and messengers?
Are there key partners that the Council can work with to reach Native youth?
Should the Youth Council Subcommittee be modeled on the Council structure, or something else?
Should the Youth Council be focused on California Native youth or open-ended?
How should the Council define youth?
Are there any ongoing youth groups or meetings in the community that the Council can plug into?
Are there any youth graphic artists that the Council should work with on promotional materials?
Funding Partnerships
What are the needs of the community in engaging in the work of the Council that are not currently funded? Tribal / Organizational / Individual
Are there recommended communications partners that the Council may want to work with to spread the word?
Contracting for Council Work
What should the Council and Staff be mindful of when seeking third-parties to do the work of the Council?
Are there models that have worked that the Council and Staff can look to?
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