Scholars' Strong Actionable Suggestion Box
Students, Parents, and Staff may use this form to share "actionable" or realistic ideas for school improvement. This is not the place to add "unrealistic" suggestions such as, "Place a windmill on the roof by June," but rather suggestions such as: "Let's ask student government to do a school-wide nutrition week." Please share your best ideas and be sure to include "action steps" to prove you have put real thought into this to determine whether it is realistic or actionable. It is always a good idea to run your good ideas by friends, family, or staff before including them. They may be able to help you refine your thinking and action steps.

The top suggestions will be shared with the student government by the principal.
Ideas supported by the student government will be shared with the Cabinet Team and the School Leadership Team when appropriate. Other teams such as the Youth Development, Guidance, or PBIS Teams may be brought into the communication loop when relevant.

Thanks for all of your good ideas!
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