GREAT PLATES Senior Meals Program (currently enrolling for City of Sacramento residents, potentially County of Sacramento Residents. Non-Sac County residents please contact your local jurisdictions)
Food Support for Sacramento Seniors & High-Risk Individuals
A new program announced Friday from Governor Newsom created a new statewide initiative, "Great Plates Delivered" program.

This program provides meals to Californians that are age of 65 and over OR are ages 60-64 and at high-risk with underlying health conditions during the State’s shelter at home directive. This new program is a great way to get healthy food to them during this current stay-at-home order.

Qualified Participant Eligibility
• Must be 65 or older, OR
• Is 60-64 AND Asymptomatic but is high-risk, as defined by the CDC; OR Tested positive for COVID-19 (as documented by a state/local public health official or medical health professional) and does not require hospitalization but needs isolation or quarantine (including those exiting from hospitals); OR Was exposed to COVID-19 (as documented by a state/local public health official or medical health professional) and does not require hospitalization but needs isolation or quarantine.

A potential participant must also meet the following characteristics:
• Must live alone or with one other program-eligible adult.
• Must not be currently receiving assistance from other federal nutrition assistance programs (such as SNAP or CalFresh, or Meals on Wheels) and receive no more than $74,940 in income for a household of one (1) and $101,460 for a household of two (2), this equates to 600% of the federal poverty limit. These income limits will be self-certified by the applicant, with spot checks from partner agencies.
• Must affirm an inability to prepare or obtain meals.

This program is being launched quickly in the City of Sacramento, with a short time frame for the program itself from now through June 10 – or as the emergency deadlines exist. For seniors and high-risk individuals, we anticipate this might be even longer.

This information will only be shared with program officials to verify eligibility and coordinate deliveries for those receiving meals. Responses to this form are appreciated ASAP so we can gauge interest, although we will continue to take names on a rolling basis.

Please contact if you have questions about this program.

Thank you for your support!
Name *
Date of Birth (Note: each participant must be born on or before 04/10/1960 if high risk ofr 4/10/1955 if applying as a senior) *
If you are between the age of 60 and 65, are you at classified high risk from COVID-19 from underlying heath conditions (chronic lung disease, heart condition, immunocompromised, obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease).
Clear selection
Do you live alone, with an individual 65+ years of age, or a high-risk adult eligible for this program between the ages of 60-64 years of age? *
Does your annual exceed $74,940 (single) or $101,460 (2-person)? *
If you are enrolled in a federal or state nutrition program, like snap or meals on wheels, you currently are ineligible for this program. Are you enrolled in a such a program? *
Do you need assistance preparing or obtaining meals? *
If you meet the criteria above, please record the following information so you can be enrolled in the program meals:
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Unit/Apartment #
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Dietary Restrictions *
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