Planting of Street Trees in Highams Park

One of the defining characteristics of Highams Park ("HP") is the abundance of street trees. Many residents have expressed concern over the felling of trees in their streets, and the effect that it has had on the character of the streets in the area, and are are keen to have them replaced.

Following discussions with Council tree officers we thought it would be helpful to survey local people to see what streets in HP people feel have been depleted of trees and where trees should should be planted or replanted. It may be that you have already submitted a request to Council Officers for trees to be planted in a particular street but please feel free to resubmit your request in this survey.

This survey has two parts:

1. Part One:
This section is intended to identify streets where people feel the number of trees in the street have been depleted in recent years without being replaced or where people would like to see more trees. In answering this question all we need from you is the street name, so we can pass the street names on to the Council and ask them to survey those streets to see where more trees can be planted (replanted).

2. Part Two:
This section is intended to give you the opportunity to identify specific plots (locations) where you would like trees planted, i.e if you want a tree in the road in front of 4 Privet Drive you will input the Street Name in Box 1 and then the Door Number in Box 2. The plots can be in the same roads you have listed in Part One or other roads where you have a particular preference for a tree(s) to be planted.

We cannot be certain that the Council will be able to meet all requests, as there may be insufficient trees available for this planting season or there may be good reasons why trees cannot be planted on certain sites.

The planting season begins at the end of November, SO PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS QUESTIONNAIRE BY: SATURDAY 20TH OCTOBER, 2018

You'll notice that we've asked for your name and address below. We're sorry but we cannot accept anonymous responses and by completing this survey you are providing your consent for this data to be shared with Council Officers. All information provided in this survey will be treated in accordance with HPPG's privacy and data protection policy. If you wish to read this policy it can be found on the about us page of the Highams Park Planning Group website.

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This questionnaire was prepared by the Highams Park Planning Group (HPPG)

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