Trailhead Church Eldership Process Self-Nomination Form
Thank you for your interest in Trailhead Church. A few notes: You can only nominate yourself and only you can fill this form out for yourself. If you believe a man should be nominated, talk to him to encourage him to nominate himself. Those who fill this form out are requesting that they be considered as potential elder candidates at Trailhead Church. Filling out this application does not guarantee that a man will be invited into the process. You will be contacted sometime in the next month to discuss the next steps. Thank you for your commitment to Trailhead Church.

"No one would venture to undertake the building of a house were he not an architect, nor will any one attempt the cure of sick bodies who is not a skilled physician; but even though many urge him, will beg off, and will not be ashamed to own his ignorance; and shall he who is going to have the care of so many souls entrusted to him, not examine himself beforehand?" —John Chrysostom
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Are you a member in good standing of Trailhead Church? (If no, please wait to finish this until you have gone through the membership process) *
Have you AND YOUR WIFE (if you are married) read over the Elder Candidate Information document? Do you OR SHE have any questions after reading this material? *
You must at least respond with a "yes" or "no" - if the answer is no, go read it so that you can put "yes" because you will not be considered if you haven't read it - you can FIND IT HERE:
Does your family and work life allow you the freedom to take on the commitment this process requires (1-2 strategic meetings a month / weekly prayer meetings / plus other responsibilities)? *
Talk to your wife about this one!
What do you think makes Trailhead unique and a valuable part of Edwardsville? *
In what ways do you think Trailhead needs to grow or change in the next two to five years? *
Do you think it is more important for the church to help believers grow in their faith or to reach unbelievers that they might come to faith?
Why do you want to and think you are called to be an elder at Trailhead Church? *
Having read 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, what areas of character do you see as strengths and weaknesses? *
Please be concise but clear, since we will have time to discuss this in greater detail later in the process.
Does your wife (if you are married) fully support this nomination? *
Don't assume - ask her... because we will.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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