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Let's pretend you are 25 years old.  How would you envision your life?
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First Name *
What level of education do you plan to complete by this age? *
Will you be married? *
How many children would you have by this age? *
Would you rent or own your own home? *
Describe your home. *
How much does your home cost? *
What kind of car would you have? *
What would you do for entertainment/fun?  How much would you spend a month on entertainment?  How often would you eat out for lunch/dinner?  Think about video games/cell phones/cable tv/etc….as forms of entertainment. *
Where would you go on vacation?  How much do you think you'd spend to go on a vacation? *
How much money would you like to be able to save each month? *
When you purchase groceries, would you buy mostly low-cost (generic), moderately priced (store brand), or high priced (name brand) items? *
It is important to save money. Yes or No. Explain why? *
You now have the unique opportunity to enter THE REAL WORLD! See if you can survive THE REALITY STORE!
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