Driftwood Chaperone Evaluation
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Please rate your Driftwood instructor's rapport with the students for the majority of the time.
If you think the instructor needs to improve their rapport with students, please give specific and constructive suggestions.
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If there are specific things you'd like to elaborate on from classes, please describe them here. They may include both positive and constructive feedback on the class content and class management.
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Please rate how useful you believe an outdoor, educational experience, such as this, is for students.
Do you think the overall cost of the trip was an appropriate amount for what you received? If no, please explain why.
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Please rate the cabin accommodations.
Please rate the overall dining hall experience, including both food and experience.
Please describe any specific suggestions regarding both the cabin accommodations and the dining hall experience. This may include both positive and constructive feedback.
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Please rate your overall experience at Driftwood.
Please feel free to comment on any other aspect of the field trip you'd like to give feedback about. You may also explain or expand any positive or constructive thoughts you have about your Driftwood instructor, classes, the facilities, or your overall experience.
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