Reimagine OEL: Roadmap for Quality Education for Multilingual Learning
Dear Boston Public Schools Community, the Office of English Learners is engaging in a series of community dialogues as we work to reimagine multilingual learning (SEI, ESL, Dual Language, SLIFE) for English Learners in BPS. You are welcomed to join our conversation by registering at

If you are not able to attend a meeting, please use this survey to give us your input on what kind of changes you would like to see. For more information on the work please read our charter for this work.

Project Charter in the BPS Major Languages:
Please identify your primary language. | اللغة الاساسية | Qual é o seu idioma principal | Kual e bu lingua prinsipal | Idantifye premye lang ou | Identifique su idioma principal | Ngôn ngữ chánh của quý vị là | Caddee luqaddaada koowaad | 請選擇您的主要語言 *
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