Open Steno Project Community Survey 6.0
Help us understand your steno needs! This survey will guide us in developing quality materials, training, applications, etc., to better serve the growing open source steno community.
How Long Have You Been Learning/Using Steno?
What is your approximate steno WPM?
Is your steno speed faster than your regular typing speed?
If yes, how long did it take you to exceed your regular typing speed?
Do you engage in any of the following steno-adjacent hobbies?
Have you ever gone "cold turkey" (switched to 100% steno in your daily computer work)
What first got you interested in steno?
Your answer
What steno machines have you used?
What hardware did you use when you first started learning steno?
Your answer
Which steno engines have you used?
What is your current field of employment or study?
Your answer
What do you use or plan on using steno for?
If you could use steno in languages other than English, which languages would be of interest to you?
Your answer
Have you ever been enrolled in a formal stenography program?
What steno learning tools have you used?
What Open Steno Project community resources do you use or follow?
What operating system do you use for steno?
What have been your biggest frustrations in learning steno?
What techniques, learning strategies, or software, if any, were pivotal in you finding success in steno?
Your answer
If you decided to learn steno for specific reasons (i.e. to resolve medical issues in your wrist, or to accomplish a certain WPM speed), what were those goals and have you accomplished them?
Your answer
What are your favorite things/activities outside of steno? 
Your answer
Is there anything else you'd like us to know?
(i.e. comments for the Plover development team, ideas to boost the visibility/usability of steno, specific ideas for software/hardware developers in our community, etc)
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Show us you are a human and not a computer. What is 10 + 10? *
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