Saber Models Register (SMR) Application Form
While listed in SMR, items of a saber model can be registered to the Sporting Saber Register (SSR) by LudoSport athletes. Saber models listed in SMR can be used for sponsorships within LudoSport Network and or Academies;


a) One application Form can be submitted for each saber model that Manufacturer authorized representative declares to be fully compliant with LudoSport rule #1 and Manufacturers Se.Cu.Ri requirements linked here --> <--

b) Manufacturer will certify to fully comply with all fiscal laws requirements of its nation;

c) Manufacturer will certify that no proceedings for bankruptcy apply to the company nor it is in bankruptcy conditions;

d) Manufacturer will provide a signed declaration not to make use of child labor for production or services;

e) Manufacturer declares not to have discredited LudoSport on public media channels (website, social media) or Academies or allowed other parties to discredit LudoSport within moderated groups affiliated/owned by Manufacturer;

f) Manufacturer will ship two (2) identical items of the saber model to be tested. Tests can be both destructive and non destructive. Depending on testing outcome, in case of approval, Manufacturer agrees to ship one additional identical item as a "First item" sample that will be accessible to INCOM Organization.

g) All physical items and documentation required to verify requirements must be made available by Manufacturer to Abridge Srl at no cost. In case testing results with failure of any item, Abridge Srl will send damaged items back to Manufacturer. A non-conformity report will be issued in case model approval is not granted.

h) Certifications, declarations and Saber Model Public Price shall be provided when submitting signed Non Disclosure Agreement in occasion of the first request and each year within September 30th to keep listing of any saber model.

Submitter is fully responsible for all declared data. Information will be collected by Abridge SRL and shared with SLM representatives.

TEST PHASE COST (until 31/12/2019)
Urgent Testing (within 30 days): €1200 // Regular Testing (within 90 days): €800
Testing activity will only start after receipt of payment, saber model technical documentation/certificates providing documental evidence of compliance to requirements stated in item a);

In case of items testing with pass and Manufacturer declarations review with positive outcome, saber model will be added to SMR (valid until 31/12/2020) after Manufacturer agreement to support LudoSport Network and INCOM with all below contributions:
o) One saber model, first year: €600 + 22%VAT to start SMR listing;
o) One saber model, following years: €400 + 22%VAT, each year within September 30th;
o) One additional saber model (any year): €400 + 22%VAT to start SMR listing and each year within September 30th;
o) Within 15 days from each end of quarter, 5% + 22%VAT of Saber Model Public Price of each hilt registered on SSR in the previous quarter.
NOTE: The first 30 items registered on SSR of an approved saber model are exempted from [5%] contribution.

For specific clarification requests about how to fill in the form only, email -> . Email subject MUST include [SMR Listing]. Emails not satisfying this requirement will not be replied.
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