IPA Research Methods Initiative: REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (2019)
The Research Methods Initiative is a collaboration between IPA and the Global Poverty Research Lab at Northwestern University that supports systematic studies into how to improve the methods and measurement of key outcomes in global poverty research. Given IPA’s and GPRL’s volume of research, we have faced recurring questions regarding the best ways to ensure quality and consistency in field studies. The Research Methods Initiative was created to help answer these questions by designing and implementing methodological studies across many projects, building and collaborating with a network of interested researchers, and developing technical products and training. The Research Methods Initiative will be comprehensive in examining sources of measurement error in research studies including in questionnaire design, sampling, field work implementation and validation of key indicators. The initiative will be organized around three themes: (1) Research Design, (2) Questionnaire Design, and (3) Fieldwork Implementation and Data Quality. You can find out more about the Research Methods Initiative on our website: https://www.poverty-action.org/researchers/working-with-ipa/research-methods-initiative.

IPA has created a small funding pool in 2019 for researchers who would like to “add on” research methods work to their ongoing projects that would directly provide evidence contributing to one or more of the Research Methods Initiative's themes. Some concrete examples of potential add-on work include (1) testing survey modules or behavioral games, (2) reanalysis of existing IPA survey data, or (3) methodological innovations for existing studies. The only requirement to submit to this RFP is that at least one of your researchers have an active grant and/or project managed by IPA.

Through this RFP, you may request resources from IPA in the form of direct funding, IPA research analyst time, and/or access to IPA projects or data (pending researcher agreement).

This RFP will accept applications on a rolling basis through December 31, 2019. However, IPA will prioritize submissions received by May 31, 2019.

If you have any questions about this RFP, please e-mail researchsupport@poverty-action.org before submitting.

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Resource requests from IPA
Through this RFP, IPA can provide (1) Direct funding, e.g. for add-on experiments to your ongoing projects, up to $10,000; (2) Research Analyst time, e.g. for cleaning or analyzing data with potential to contribute to a research methods agenda; and/or (3) Access to research project(s) or data, e.g. for access to project paradata for methodological research. The next question will ask for additional details of your request.
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