What does "open" mean to you?
For a course called "Why open?" that will run in August 2013 at the School of Open (http://schoolofopen.org/), we will be discussing with participants the different ways we think about "openness." We would like to gather views from people in different professions, fields, and backgrounds. The participants will help frame the course with their own views on "openness," and we'd like to showcase what others in various fields say as well.

Data collected from this form will be used in the course, and will be linked to from this site: https://p2pu.org/en/courses/588/content/1143/

We would like you to include your profession and/or field of work or study, so that we can discuss whether there are differences in views of openness based on different professions, practices, etc. But including your name is optional.

Thank you for your consideration; we hope you will contribute!

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Please tell us your profession, and/or the field in which you work (for example, if you are a teacher, please say what subjects(s) you teach).
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What does "open" mean to you? *
The word "open" can mean many different things, in part because there are so many different contexts in which it is used--e.g., open access, open educational resources, open government, open data, open learning, and many more. What would you say makes a work, a practice, an institution "open?" Please specify the context in which your answer applies, if it is specific to a context. We'd love answers that are about 100-200 words long, though you can write more if you'd like.
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Why do you participate in open culture? Or, why do you think openness is important? *
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If possible, and if you would like, please provide a link to a work, project, or initiative you think exemplifies your definition of "open". You can provide more than one if you wish.
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