Sewing Craftathon™ 2021 Presenter Application
Welcome! I am super excited you're interested in becoming a part of this quarterly online virtual crafting event. Please STOP and READ ALL of this THOROUGHLY. Thank you...

Due to the outstanding success & popularity of this event and the overwhelming response from experts wishing to present; there is a process in place for those who wish to be a presenter for this event as follows.

-Step 1 Deadline to submit this application 07/19/2021

-Step 2 Presenters will be announced on 07/26/2021

-Step 3 Deadline to submit Sponsorship Dues and agree to current "Best Practices Agreement" by 08/02/2021

-Step 4 Deadline to submit typed 'supplies used' list on 08/09/2021

-Step 5 Deadline to accept and confirm presentation time 08/16/2021

-Step 6 Check in day prior to event to confirm time 09/17/2021

This is the initial form to 'apply' to present in the Sewing Craftathon™ on September 18, 2021 in a 20 minute time slot at a time to be determined between 10am-10pm CST on Saturday.

Once chosen to present, there will be a sponsorship form for you to choose your level of sponsorship for the event. Sponsorship Levels will vary as follows: $47, $97, $497 Thank you so much and I appreciate you!!!
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EXACT Link to your Facebook Business Page *
Time slot preference (20 min between 10am-9:40pm CST on Saturday) *
Crafting Project Idea (this needs to be Sewing, Fabric, Quilting, Knitting, or Crocheting inspired or related) *
Have you presented in the Craftathon™ before? *
What do you hope to gain from this event? (optional)
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