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“And wed the spouseless among you, and the righteous among your bondmen and maids. In case they are poor, Allah will enrich them of His Grace; and Allah is Ever- Embracing, Ever-Knowing.“ [Surah An-Nur 24:32]


The Islamic Center of East Lansing conducts its practices based on the Qur'an and the sayings and traditions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Accordingly, marriage ceremonies are conducted between a man and a woman, and who will be able acquire a civil marriage license.

Must be living in Michigan. If outside of the Greater Lansing area, the applicant must communicate with their local imam before filling out the application and list their local imam as a reference at the end of this application. We will contact your local imam before processing your application.

Muslims seeking marriage may pick up a questionnaire (Marriage Profile) from masjid office or complete this online form

This profile covers personal details, expectations of marriage, financial expectations, family information, expectations regarding children, religious expectations, intimacy expectations, and personal references.

Each profile is numbered and the candidate’s name, contact information, and personal references are removed from the profile so that it can be examined without compromising anonymity.

If the candidate has a particular person in mind, that person will be asked if they are interested in marriage, and if so, both parties will have the option to fill out a questionnaire to determine compatibility. The initiating party can choose to reveal his/her identity. If both parties believe they’re compatible, the matter will be handed off to either those parties or their representatives.

If a candidate doesn’t have a spouse in mind but is seeking marriage, the profile (with names redacted) will be examined by a program coordinator with access. They will then be either matched with another candidate seeking marriage, or their profile will be filed until a compatible profile is available.

If a compatible profile is available, both candidates will be notified and able to review the other party’s profile, with names redacted. If both parties feel they’re compatible, they will be given the option to reveal their names, contact information, and personal references to the other party, and the matter will be handed off to either those parties or their representatives.
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