Jan & Feb 2021 Canteen Food Order Form
Disclaimer: Whenever necessary, the following instruction, step, flow and menu can be amended any time without prior notification

Submission deadline: 22 Jan 2021, 5pm.
Order period: Jan 2021 to Feb 2021

1. Pick one main meal stall + drink (if needed). Every Monday must be from the same stall, every Tuesday from the same stall and so on. Example every Mon: Rice; every Tue: Fried Mee + Egg & Vico; every Wed: Sushi (Cucumber) & KokoKrunch; every Thu: Dry Jawa Mee; every Fri Rice + Mineral Water

2. This form has a few sections. 1) Menu 2) Student's details 3) Order request. Complete all sections. This will take ~15 mins. Order is completed only when you click "Submit" button and receive a copy of order in your email inbox (or junk/spam folder, depending on the setting by your email service provider).

3. If you need a disposable container & utensils, please indicate in the order form. RM0.50 will be charged per disposable container by canteen vendors. (Note: If you select "No" but vendors think there's a need for disposable container in order to ease food preparation/packing, delivery to class or safety concern, they will charge the RM0.50 accordingly but parent shall be notified by vendor prior to the charge).

4. One form per child. If you have 3 child, submit 3 separate forms.

5. For duplicated submission (more than 1 submission for same student name, same day(s) & same class), only the last submission will be considered.

6. Food preparation & delivery will only be done by canteen vendor, who will arrange payment collection with parents separately.

7. Only canteen food or own food is allowed (no soup, no outside take-away food).

8. Any changes after deadline, parents shall contact canteen vendor directly.

9. Please refer to your email for your order detail, which could be wrongly move to "Spam" or "Junk" folder.

10. Label your lunchbox with name, class, and order for the month (refer to photo instruction next page)

11. Due to unforeseen raw material supply issue, vendor may change the menu with equivalent value of dish without prior notification.

1. Please jot down your orders and total payment to make according to stalls.

2. All payment related matters, parents to work directly with contact vendor (see contact in menu page). For safety reasons, parents are not allowed to enter school to make the payment.

1. Bring lunch box to school daily.

2. Remove fork & spoon, keep in student's own bag.

3. Drop off clean empty lunchbox at designated location according to main meal stall.

4. Student eats in classroom and clean up.

5. Student brings home lunch box to wash, dry, keep in school bag.

6. Repeat step 1.

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