Sharing Your Testimony - Your Story, His Glory!  分享你的见证 - 你的故事,祂的荣耀!
Hello! We thank you for sharing your testimony!
Your Story, His Glory!

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Life Group Leader (if any) 小组组长(若有)
What is your testimony theme? 你见证的主题是什么? *
Healing, provision, direction, salvation, freedom etc. 医治、供应、方向、救赎、得自由等。
Briefly share your testimony 简略的分享你的见证 *
Your situation, what did God do for you, how did you feel, your situation now. 你的情况,上帝为你做了什么,你感觉如何,你现在的情况
What do you want to thank God for most in this situation?  在这种情况下,你最想感谢上帝的是什么? *
Would it be ok for us to share your testimony to others? 我们可以将你的见证拿来分享吗? *
We will be in contact with you whenever we need more details for us to share it to others (including social media etc). 当我们需要更多详细信息以将其分享出去(包括社交媒体等)时,我们都会与你联系。
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